Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Congratulations ISRO, We are Proud of You

As Indians it is our right to feel proud of our scientists. They did the incredible. They showed to the world that they are second to none. Hearty Congratulations to ISRO scientists for the successful launch of record 104 satellites in one go. What makes this achievement all the more significant is, out of 104 satellites, 101 belong to six foreign countries. What is more, the lion’s share of 96 satellites belongs to USA. Yes, the same mighty USA which imposed all kinds of restrictions on ISRO in the past. A sweet revenge for ISRO and India.

It is also worth noting that the success rate of ISRO’s satellite launches has been the best, even far better than the so called super powers. More and more foreign countries seek help of ISRO mainly because of comparatively cheaper launching costs. ISRO has pioneered design and development of qualitatively superior satellites at lesser costs. ISRO’s design, development and launch costs are far lower than even China.

Years ago, ISRO has foreseen the potential and set up a separate commercial/marketing division - Antrix Corporation. Ever since its inception, Antrix has been earning profits by bagging foreign satellite launch projects. ISRO’s massive achievements speak volumes and it is there for the whole world to see. Hence, Antrix needs little or no marketing or advertising. Customers i.e. foreign countries will voluntarily come forward and entrust their satellite launch projects on ISRO. What needed is event management i.e foolproof scientific preparations for successful launch.

By hitting its maiden century in satellite launch, let us hope that the day is not far when ISRO scores double century.  Let us recall that in 2013 ISRO put an unmanned rocket to  Mars orbit. Cost of this project was nothing but peanuts when compared to the huge expenses incurred by NASA for a similar mission.

The years ahead will see many more glittering feathers being added to ISRO’s crown of success. The second moon mission, Chandrayan-2 is slated to happen next year.  ISRO is also pursuing missions to Jupiter and Venus. Besides, the second Mars mission is tentatively slated for 2021-22 wherein ISRO plans to put a robot on the surface of the red planet.

Wishing ISRO and its team of scientists all success in future missions. We are proud of our scientists and their historical achievements.

Once again, Congratulations, Team ISRO.

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